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"When you smile, the whole world will join you. When you cry, no one will be there for you."

I heard this long ago and I always like to see everyone with a smile and to be happy. And I wanted to keep them happy.

 i like to keep my friends happy from different ways like joking . but i can't do it well bcuz many people can't keep there friends happy . it's a gift . some friends of my have this gift . whatever they say that was hilarious . any way if i want to keep someone laugh i recommend watching SPONGE BOB SQUREPANTS CARTOON bcuz if u watch it you will get something to laugh about all day.

Once, I asked  My friend Who took his life as a joke this question. "With all these funny thoughts you always have, I can imagine the life you enjoy... interesting... with a lot of fun. Isn't it?"

he was unable to talk and unable to hide his tears. He didn't ask anything and just hugged Me. "Forget that" i said. "It's alright." my friend felt that he aslo crying.